Celebrating the 100
the Honored Comments

Since I started my channel back on May-24th, I was in so much doubt.

Am I continuing to upload? Am I going to be good enough to be watched? How was I going to do in this vast platform full of so many talents?

After almost six months, I reach my first 100 subscribers on Nov-10th. I learned it's not about the views numbers, or the CTR, Impressions, or any of those crazy numbers.

It's about the fantastic community. It's about the lovely people who support you and be with you the whole journey.

here I am honoring some of my favorites comments on my videos, I will consistently update this list, and I will add more every week

I am grateful for every one of you, how to watch or liked, or commented on my videos.

Without you, I'll be nothing.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you ❤️

all the comments in alphabetic order by the channels name 🥰

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